jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

Parking Lots and the Weather

Today, I finally found a spot on one of the rarely shaded places on my school's parking lot. Really, don't you hate it when you are looking for a place, think you finally found one, and when you're about to park it ends up with this:

See it? The Motorcycle on the aparently empu space for cars. And It's not only motorcycles, they're those shorter cars as well. You think you finally found a spot but you were wrong. Living in the middle of the desert where temperatures are normally 'round 43°C at noon, I kind of forgive the moto guy because he would totally have burned his butt if he hadn't taken the ONLY, codiciated, spot of shade.

lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010


Started this blog originally to post here any random toughts, rants or philosophies about life that come to me, as a way of venting. But I am afraid that, being on a catholic school with a bible class that awakens in me my most deepest beliefs this blog may turn a little anti-religious, at one side i would like to post some of those toughts as a way for communicating them to the world, on the other side i'm afraid i may do go to hell, so lets see what come out. Must note than I am a little of a feminist and of a misantropist as well, and I have this terrible habit of thinking i know more that everyone else, tho i know i dont... so this blog may be a little hated as well..

..noone will read it anyway